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Farmwel is calling for food security and sustainability in mainstream British agriculture.

UK ParliamentAgriculture should play an integral role in Britain's new industrial strategy.  Healthy, tasty, and affordable food underpin our nation's ability to work.  

Brexit offers an unprecedented opportunity to redesign UK food systems, and the relationship between farmers and consumers, the food industry, farm animals, and nature itself.  We should develop policy and support systems that guarantee our long term food security, built on a bedrock of environmental, economic, and ethical sustainability. 

We should replace European policy with British laws that deliver freedom for farmers to innovate and respond to the honest demands of the market place – but these freedoms should be set within a legislative framework that creates investor confidence and ensures long term policy delivery.  

Within a decade, consumers should pay prices at the checkout that more accurately reflect the costs of production, while financial support is targeted to reward public goods that the market is less able to recognise, such as flood prevention and soil improvement.

We should concentrate on re-building farm diversity and encouraging new entrants, in order to help ensure Britain's food security as the weather impacts associated with a warming world increase, and trade routes become inevitably disrupted.  

Britain’s farms also have an important role to play in generating electricity, which will help create energy security, reduce greenhouse gas pollution, and improve the nation's respiratory health.  

Using our goals for secure and sustainable food (below), Farmwel will help communicate good practice and advocate for change.

UK ParliamentFarmwel's goals for secure and sustainable food

Our goals are for all farmed food, whether produced on land or at sea.

Farming families

  • All farms, on land or at sea, are profitable
  • A good life for all farm workers
  • A vibrant industry provides opportunities for new entrants


  • Diets are healthy and diverse
  • Farms contribute to community life and rural development 
  • Every farm improves the climate resilience of its surrounding landscape

Farm animals and nature

  • No routine behavioural mutilations
  • Every farm animal has the freedom to express natural behaviour
  • Biodiversity is increasing on all farms
  • No routine use of antibiotics


  • Farms have healthy soil and clean water
  • Farms are net exporters of energy
  • Farms are waste and carbon neutral
  • Farms have good water management and are weather-resistant 


  • Financial support is targeted to deliver sustainable food production
  • Legislation protects the welfare of all farm animals
  • Farm system labelling on all products
  • Outcome-based assessments are required as a route to market

 The FarmWel project is informed by the experience of FAI Farms.